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Hire HEALY Medical Device and try before you buy.

Use HEALY in the comfort of your own home and time. We will install the App on your Smartphone and give you clear instructions and guidance on how to use it. HEALY is easy to use and comes with all neccessary parts!

Which Healy Edition do I hire?

Healy Holistic Health

Which programs are available to me?

Hire period:


3 days for $100

5 days for $150

8 days for $200

Gold Cycle, Local Stimulation, Mental Balance, Bioenergetic Harmony 1 + 2, Skin, Sleep, Meridians 1 + 2.

Can I hire the Healy Device when I live outside Canberra?

We only hire the Healy Device out to all of the ACT.

What do I get with my Healy?

You receive all necessary parts, a manual with instructions and a list of all programs with description.

We will do a full Body scan with the Healy Resonance to establish which programs have been recommended for you.

We also help you step by step to get started which includes the download of the Healy software to your phone and a step by step walk through to make sure you are comfortable using the Healy device in your spare time at home.

What if I lose or break the Healy Device?

Before you receive the Healy Device you have to sign a legal rental agreement. We will also take a copy of your license or Passport and we will take your credit card details. In case of loss or damage, your credit card will be charged.

We recommend to use the Gold Cycle programs first for the Body to get use to it.

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